October 25, 2008

PyWorks Stuff

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For the 2008 PyWorks convention, I will be presenting about LDAP and Python. The presentation is really about demystifying LDAP and encouraging people to use and extend LDAP for their config file needs. In efforts to make my point, the last half of my presentation will be a time for a demo. This entry is your basic landing point where you can download the scripts, presuming you are looking for a copy of the scripts and/or slides after seeing my presentation? (oh! nevermind, your google search landed you here)

PyWorks Speakers Badge

For the demo, I will be leveraging the fail2ban project. It is a python based application which scans typical application logs for security failures and bans IPs from being able to connect again. It also uses the builtin ConfigParser module for reading it’s 30+ config files, which is why I have chosen to use it. For the demo, I have created two scripts:

The first one, is used to process a set of config files and automatically generate LDAP schema as well as LDIF data.

Next, I have my module where I extended the ConfigParser module to support making queries to LDAP. I am basically overriding the read() method only and leaving the rest of the module alone. This way the only modifications to the fail2ban application are how it is instantiating the ConfigParser and I won’t have to become a full time fail2ban developer if I want to centralize the configuration data in LDAP.

And that is really the main point of my presentation: The power of centralizing your configuration data and how it can drastically change how you administer your large scale server farm.


LDAP + Python Slides. script to auto-generate LDAP schema and LDIF from ConfigParser compatible config files. python module which inherits the ConfigParser and supports optionally pulling config data from LDAP.

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