October 3, 2011

Customize Gnome Terminal in Gnome 3

Filed under: linux,usability — jonEbird @ 7:56 pm

I recently upgraded to Fedora 15 on both the laptop and the home server and I’m still getting used to Gnome 3. Through each frustrating change, I have decided to stick with it and try to learn the new ways to do things but I have been tempted more than a few times to just switch to using XFCE. Today’s challenge: Customizing gnome-terminal.

In the old days, the customizations I would do all involved edits that could be done by updating the default profile (Menu->Edit->Profiles). The main things I would update is setting my background to a certain percentage of transparency, disable scroll bar (because we’re all using GNU screen, right?), and disable the menubar by toggling “show menubar by default in new terminals” (alt-f is reserved for emacs forward-word and not File menu). The remaining item to update is the default geometry or size of the terminal when it’s launched.

Perhaps I should blog more because I found a much easier solution than I expected. When I decided to figure this out tonight I started by finding a nice tutorial for updating gnome configurations and I thought I was going to end up recommending the following command:
gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.default-applications.terminal exec-arg "'--geometry=120x35'"
Instead, while writing the previous paragraph I realized that within the profile settings there is an option now to “Use custom default terminal size”. I feel stupid but I think I’m just stubborn in my ways after using Gnome for over a decade.