March 25, 2006


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Most of my projects are small and they usually concern some sort of administration task.

TrackTime application.
This is a application which I use to track what work I’m doing throughout the day. For many companies they require their employees to record their time in some sort of application. The biggest problem for any time tracking application is that we hate to write down and track what we do all day. Ask anybody and the answer is something like, “Yeah, let me waste half of my day tracking what I did… Just let me do my work.”. Regardless if you believe tracking your time is important or not, if you are being required to track it then at least develop habits to help you out. I choose to write my own time tracking application so that the habits I develop can travel with me as I move from one company to the next. I am creating a time tracking level of abstraction between my own tracking and what the company is requiring that I use.
See the new TrackTime Home

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