January 4, 2009


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Jon Miller

Senior Linux Engineer

I am seeking employment in a fast paced environment where I can utilize my creativity and experience in the capacity of architecture, administration, development and leadership surrounding the Linux platform. Ideally working in a environment which appreciates the value of open-source software and where I can influence the direction of the company.

My background is in development which I feel helps in troubleshooting applications big and small as well as interfacing with developers during project work. I enjoy programming as a highlight of my job and have shifted my prolific languages from C/C++, Java to languages such as Python, Perl, Shell (sh, bash, ksh). I tend to write programs to improve quality of job performance and to reduce human error in day to day work.

I have been working as an administrator with Unix/Linux formally since 2001 and informally since being introduced to Linux in 1995. The work experience has tended to wildly shift in focus from various RDBMS systems to new hardware platforms and various proprietary software systems. My focus has primarily been on our customer facing offerings particularly since my previous development was with customer offerings as well. As a result, I am accustomed to building highly available, fault tolerant systems as well as understanding how to scale both horizontally and vertically.

I am an easy going person and as a result can handle stressful situations. I am also a perfectionist and am always looking for ways to improve efficiency and productivity.

How to get a hold of me

Feel free to email me at
Maybe you’d just like to review my official resume.
And finally, you can just call me and leave a message:
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